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Info-Chart is specialized in civilian and military profound engineering experiences in remote sensing applications and military / civilian geographical information technology.

  • Civilian applications: 3D GIS:
    Building 3D GIS Modeling using Digital Photogrammetric for Yarmouk  University.

  • Civilian applications: Transportation network analysis:
    Karak governorate transportation network analysis

  • Civilian applications: Health spatial analysis and Statistics:
    Karak governorate road health center service Research

  • Civilian applications,Mapping Irrigated:
    Mapping Irrigated Crops and Estimation of Crop Water Consumption in Mujib, and Hassa  Basins from the period of October1/ 2014 to October1/ 2015

  • Civilian applications,hydro analysis:
    Morphometric and Geomorphology Characteristic in Mujib, and wala Basins.
  • Civilian applications,Image processing:

InfoChart has made a substantial investment in image processing in support of its other activities. 

Ortho photo


True Ortho photo

  • Military applications , National Security:
    Advantages of Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Military Operations.

Military applications: create Topographic maps and Aeronautical charts.